Unpacking Services

Hate moving house? You won’t if Organised Interiors are involved!

We are Bristol-based and cover the South of England. 

Moving into a new home should be exciting and enjoyable, but it’s often stressful and tiring. We understand it can be done differently. By offering unpacking services that range from one day, through to our all-inclusive package, we make sure we offer you the right level of support at the right time. 

We plan around your needs –  you can mix and match our services, or opt to hand over your entire move to us from space planning to our unpacking services. If you aren’t sure what support you need, call us and we can help talk you through the options, with a free no pressure phone consultation.

We plan and prep as much as we can before the move date so that we can unpack and leave you to your new home as soon as possible. Our unpacking service reduces your stress during – what is traditionally  – a highly stressful event and save you time so you can continue to focus on your own priorities, rather than becoming consumed with a house move. 

Take some time to review your options below. Can’t see what you’re looking for? Get in touch and we’ll build a bespoke service just for you. 

Psst….don’t forget to check out the case study videos for each package. You can see how our packages have transformed moves in the past, it could be you next.

Unpacking Services


1-Day Kitchen Set-Up

Banish boxes in your kitchen from day one! 
Transform your kitchen into a functional and beautiful space so you can cook dinner in your new home the day you move in. 
Prices from £325

Banish boxes from day one. Eliminate the chances of boxes sitting around unpacked for months by having your kitchen unpacked by experts. 

Getting organised from day one helps other household members get into good habits. This makes staying organised in the long-term far more likely as bad habits haven’t been able to form during the weeks it can take to get a home unpacked when you are busy. 

Have a team of professionals set up your kitchen so it works for you from the very start. We get to know your routines and lifestyle so that your new set up is intuitive and supports you, saving you time and energy from the very beginning.

No more long walks across the kitchen to get a teaspoon for your coffee-machine that’s on the opposite side of the kitchen as you didn’t know where else to put it! 

Want to have friends and family over to see your new home? Be ready to host and entertain from the very start – they’ll be blown away by how fast you’ve settled in whilst you make them a cup of tea or dinner with ease. 


Unpack With You

Dreading unpacking certain areas but want to unpack boxes yourself? Then this is the package for you. Hand over the rooms you don’t want to deal with over to us and we’ll have them set up in no time, allowing you to focus on your priorities.
Bespoke pricing.


Getting organised from day one helps other household members get into good habits. This makes staying organised in the long-term far more likely as bad habits haven’t been able to form during the weeks it can take to get a home unpacked when you are busy. 

Banish boxes from day one. Eliminate the changes of boxes sitting around unpacked for months by having rooms unpacked and set up for you.

Have a team of professionals set up your home so it works for you from the very start. We get to know your routines and lifestyle so that your new set up is intuitive and supports you, saving you time and energy from the very beginning.

Style and simplicity is the end result.

By handing over the areas you don’t want to organise, you can enjoy your move! And let’s face it, who doesn’t dream of a calm peaceful start to their new home?


Organised Interiors Signature Move

Our signature move certainly got the attention of the press when we launched! Let us take care of just about everything to do with your belongings, whilst you take a mini break. 

No hassle.No packing.No unpacking.

We transform your new home into a calm oasis in no time with this intensive plan.

Just a fun consultation process and tour of your dream home once we’ve done all the hard work! 

Bespoke Pricing.

We come to your home and have an in-depth consultation to get to know all about you, your routines, priorities and personal preferences. 

Together, we’ll sort through your belongings saying goodbye to items you no longer need, so you’re only moving what you love and need. 

You simply pack a suitcase and we oversee the removal company and packing. You’ll just need to decide exactly where you’d like to stay whilst we take care of your move. 

This is the fun part! We take you on a tour of your new home and show you how we’ve set everything up, showing you the systems and sequences for easy maintenance for the future. Ta da! Our work is done and you are left to settle into your new home with the beds already made and milk in the fridge.

Now that’s how to move in style. 

Add-On Services

We aim to make settle into your new house as enjoyable and quick as possible. We therefore offer a number of additional services you can add onto your unpacking service. 

Bespoke pricing.

Let us help plan the storage in your new home. From wardrobe planning, through to creative bespoke solutions, we can make sure you get your storage right from the very beginning.  

As a registered waste carrier, we can take unwanted items to the charity shop or tip to be disposed of, saving you the hassle. 

Wanting new labelled jars for your pantry, or looking for all your spaces to be structured so that maintaining your tidy home is breeze? We can source items that are perfect for your home and have them ready for the day you move in. 

We have the knowledge and experience to bring the right organisational products to make your home functional and easy to use, saving you time and money in the long run.

If you want to avoid the move entirely, we can be at your existing property to meet the movers, oversee the packing and accompany them to the new property, before we begin unpacking. 

We’ll be present whilst your chosen handyperson, decorators etc carry out improvements you need to make to the house. 

Start your new life with only the possessions that you need and love.

Save time by decluttering your belongings before you move so that there is less to move and crucially – less to unpack. 

We’ll work with you to help you decide what to keep and what is no longer serving you. 

Unpacking service
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Unpacking Service FAQs

Most frequent questions and answers

We are based in Bristol and cover Bath and areas within a 15 mile radius as standard. We offer our home move services nationwide with fees to cover travel and accommodation where required. Please contact us for further information.

Remember those time-consuming previous moves? Boxes left unpacked for months, changing things around constantly for the first few weeks trying to find the right placement, the days you had to take off work? Well that can be a thing of the past.

  • When your time is limited, you don’t want a time consuming task that go on for days, or weeks.
  • You’re busy with work and don’t have the time, or interest in devoting days to setting up your new home.
  • You’re interested in walking into your new dream home that’s set up for you specifically, with systems and processes in place to ensure you’re home stays organised in the future.
  • You have children and don’t want to disrupt them, or lack the focus needed to unpack in a way that will ensure your home works for you in the years to come.
  • You find the thought of moving overwhelming and stressful.

In short, if you want less stress and more time available to you – an unpacking service is just what you need.

Absolutely! The most common space for us to organise is the kitchen and getting that space unpacked and organised ready to use on day one can make all the difference if you want to unpack other areas yourself. From one space to your whole house – we can help wherever you’d like us to.

In short, we unpack and organise away every single item you own in a place that’s logical, accessible, ensuring the overall end result is a stylish house that you can walk into and start your day to day routines without having to lift a finger!


  • We set up kitchens so that they flow and are organised around personal routines.
  • We create killer pantries and food storage areas.
  • We make the beds.
  • We style bookshelves.
  • We remove the boxes and packing material.
  • We label shelves/containers where appropriate.
  • We organise wardrobes.

We unpack into storage spaces, cupboards, drawers and wardrobes. Removal companies tend to unpack things out of the box, rather than into the final place and aren’t thinking about how to make best use of the space. We unpack knowing our clients and what will work best where, meaning you are set up with systems and structured spaces for the rest of your time in your home.

  • We specialise in unpacking and home set-up, not just general organisation and decluttering.
  • We have a real eye for detail.
  • We see potential issues and find a solution before there’s even a problem.
  • We are experienced – we’ve set up entire homes without the homeowners being present.
  • We are discreet and confidentiality is very important to us.
  • You will have one point of contact throughout, no matter how many of our team are helping with your move.

This depends on the size of your new home and the amount of belongings you have. We can have you set up in 1-3 days. We can increase the number of team members we have to support faster unpacking.

We know how to organise things by making sure we know your routines, priorities and style preferences. We have an in-depth consultation so that we understand you and from there we create a plan of what will go where so that your home functions and flows.

Yes! If you’d like us make your home extra special and organised, for an extra fee, we purchase items that will give your space the finishing touches. We have a product inspiration board to get an understanding of your visual likes, dislikes and budget, allowing us to shop without bothering you, knowing you’ll love the end results.

This is completely down to you. If you want to leave as much to us as possible, then we’ll just need you for an in-depth consultation to gather all the information we need and you can then leave us to it – leaving before the packing begins and returning once everything is unpacked. We were even featured in Good Homes Magazine as our clients can go on holiday whilst we move for them! 

Alternatively, if you want us to help you unpack and set up your home alongside you, we can help with suggestions for organisation, flow and be an all-important extra pair of hands.

Ideally as soon as you know you’re interested in our services, – especially if you would like to declutter, use our product sourcing service or book our signature move package. However, we understand that moving dates change and try to be as flexible as we can be. We will always do our best to accommodate you, so get in touch and we can discuss your situation.

White jewellers gloves are worn when appropriate, with vinyl gloves being warn when handling liquid/food items. This not only reduces finger prints, but provides an extra level of confidence for you.

We take client confidentiality very seriously and our focus is on setting your home up as efficiently as possible.

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